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We're getting things going, elevating the arts and humanities in the Pratt area as a means of cultural and economic enhancement.

Please follow what we're doing and join the conversation!


Pratt Area Arts (PAA) is a new organization designed to cultivate the arts and humanities in order to impact lives and build an even stronger community.


We're off and running and already have several projects we're adding to the community.

Get Involved

PAA is comprised of a well-rounded and inclusive mix of individuals who represent all the arts, visual and performing, from existing organizations, schools, governments and businesses as well as passionate individuals in the community. Want to join our merry band?

Our Current Projects

ARt and music Walk - June 9, 2017

We're hosting our first ever Art and Music walk in association with the Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce and the Vernon Filley Art Museum. We're looking for artists who's like to share their talent - sign up today! 

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